10 Days Away

Oh my goodness, we are just 10 days away from meeting our daughter. I’m so excited and anxious and nervous. It’s a surreal feeling to think we’ll be looking at our baby within 10 days (or earlier perhaps).

My husband had to go out of town for work this week and enlisted my mom to babysit me while he was away. Actually, it was doctor’s orders. She loved it! She slept over at our house and we watched Hallmark movies at night. It was fun. I was counting the hours until he was home though. I didn’t want our baby to arrive while he was a 3.5 hour plane ride away.

Now that he’s home, she can come anytime! I feel like my body is ready for this baby to come. Clearly my body doesn’t realize I’m having a c section. I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time. My pelvis hurts and my back is starting to get crampy.

Back to this surreal feeling….It’s so hard to imagine that she’ll be here within 10 days. My life is going to change so drastically. There are so many things I remember changing when Joshua was born that I’m looking forward to again, mainly that instant love and joy I felt seeing him and being able to hold his beautiful body. But there are also so many new things I’m going to experience that we didn’t get to with Joshua. Bathing, breastfeeding, interacting with her, and enjoying all those things that come with having a new baby. I’m so ready for those things, but it’s still hard for me to imagine those things will actually be happening since they didn’t happen last time.

I have no doubts that everything will go well. I pray about it every day. I believe we will be bringing home a beautiful baby, yet I almost can’t picture it. I think it’s something that’s hard to explain to those who haven’t been through something similar. My mind doesn’t wander to those places anymore. I’ve read so many places that a loss takes away the nativity of pregnancy and I fully believe that. I’ve experienced that. My mind doesn’t allow me to daydream about a baby like it did when I was pregnant with Joshua.

I digress! I’ve been slow at blog posts lately and just wanted everyone to know that things are going well. She’s kicking and rolling all the time (something I will miss when she’s out). I’m so excited to meet her! 10 days and counting!