Great Doctor’s Phone Call Today

Oh happy day!  The doctor called today and said that my blood test results all came back normal!

A few weeks go, the doctor from the perinatal specialist ultrasound office suggested that since I have a history of stillbirth and family history of blood clots, I should get tested to see if I carry a blood clotting gene.  At my next normal doctor’s appointment, the nurse drew 8 vials of blood where they sent it off to a lab and they ran 8 blood clotting tests.

The doctors said that if some tests came back positive, that I’d need to take a baby aspirin for the rest of my pregnancy.  If other tests came back positive, I’d need to give myself a daily shot of medication every day.  EEK!  A daily shot?  I prayed and prayed that the tests would come back negative, or normal.  I want my baby to have a happy environment, free of medication.  But of course, if the doctor said I needed to take medication, I would.  Whatever is best for the baby!

After waiting a week and a half for the results to come in, today’s call was such a huge relief!  Relief that I don’t carry a blood clotting gene, which is not only great for the pregnancy, but great for life in general.  Relief that I don’t have to take medication, especially a shot, every day for the remainder of my pregnancy.  And especially a relief knowing that this potential blood clotting gene isn’t what caused Joshua’s death.

God is good!

Now my next step is to pass the one hour glucose test on Monday…


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