Signs from my Baby

I’m not sure I totally believed in signs from those who have died until I experienced a death close to me.

Shortly after I went back to work, we were in the Polar Vortex of cold!  Wow, it was cold!  I was driving to work and saw a Sun Dog (two rainbows on either side of the sun).  It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  The rainbow reminded me of Joshua.


“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13

Rainbows remind me of God’s promise to us and His love for us.  This was the first rainbow I saw after Joshua died and it reminded me that there is still beauty in this world.  At that point I was feeling down, I was sad, and still angry at God; this rainbow reminded me that God still loved me.  I see Joshua in the beauty of rainbows now.

Another sign from Joshua was with this tiny foot key chain we received in our memory box that the hospital sent us home with.  I put the key chain with the October birthstone on my key ring as a reminder of my little boy.  About a month later, I found the pink birthstone in my pocket.  No longer on my key chain, but in my pocket.  I rarely put my keys in my pockets so I was surprised to find it here.  I put the birthstone back on my key chain thinking, thankfully it was in my pocket and I didn’t lose it.

photo (4)

About a month later, the birthstone was gone again.  I was so bummed, I almost started crying.  This key chain was a symbol of my baby and I had lost part of it.  A few days later, I was getting out of my car when I looked down on the floor mat and there was the birthstone!  How was that possible?  How did it fall perfectly on the floor mat and not on the ground outside to be lost forever.  I didn’t take this as a fluke.  This was a sign from Joshua that he is still here with me, watching over me every day.


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